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A business continuity plan is the steps an organization must take and the procedures it will need to follow to maintain operations in the face of a disruption, disaster or unforeseen occurrence, such as a freak weather system or a pandemic like the coronavirus.

A business continuity system is a living, breathing set of documents and processes. It should be updated constantly based on lessons learned from risks that have become a reality and from new threats that have started to materialize. Therefore, there should be no fixed timeframe. However, with expert guidance, it is more than possible to create a framework for an initial business continuity plan based on the systems, talents and safeguards an organization already has in place.

Fees are determined by the complexity of the project and time required. Following initial discussions with a prospective client, we will send a proposal detailing the project stages, deliverables, timescales and fees.

We also work on a time spent basis or a client can opt for an annual service contract.

In general fees are determined by the complexity of the project and time required.

Be Global has developed three low cost BC packages 10,000-15,000 BDT to suit the smaller budget.

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